Music for TV and Film

GMM is continually expanding our relationships in the advertising, tv and film industries. Our work includes creating music for “Florida Lottery”, the famous “Leonisa” brand clothing store in Columbia and the new “Uniqo” superstore in NYC and around the world!

Artist Development

GMM currently offers an Artist Development Package, a 25 hour program that helps inexperienced artists, singers and songwriters, to enhance their vocal performance ability, and bring their ideas to life, concentrating on songwriting, song structure, maximizing lyric content, recording technique, layering harmonies, and creating counterpoint and ad-libs.

Music Production

The “Rock Star Package” was created after realizing the increasing demand for finished product. This package includes 3 fully arranged, fully produced song Masters which are ready for being sold on iTunes as well as any other digital distribution outlet, pressing to CD, licensing to TV, Film, advertising (product placement), music compilations, syncing to video or that would be picked up by a record label and be ready for distribution, etc.