Artist Development

Global Media Music is a Company DJ and I created because we believe strongly that “Artist Development” is a lost art and a much needed element that is necessary for long term success for an artist in the record industry.

In earlier days, record companies would make the investment and take the time to nurture and develop talent. Nowadays they are looking for finished product and too often an artist may be fortunate enough to be signed based on their songs yet are not up to the task of supporting their own movement on a long term basis!

We started the “Artist Development” program as a system to enhance a singer’s ability as a “recording artist”. In bringing our many years of experience¬† working with highly accomplished producers, artists and musicians, it is our intention to use that experience to bring the artist’s singing and songwriting skills and approach to a new level. We focus on the development of writing and song structure, maximizing lyric content, learning recording technique, layering harmonies, and creating counterpoint and ad-libs. We document the sessions on video throughout the program as an option. We also teach the artist some important things about the business of music including how to copyright their newly written songs electronically if they do not yet know how to do so!

The artist comes out of this development program with 2 (sometimes 3) music demos of fully structured songs with strong vocal performances as well as an Electronic Press Kit (EPK video) which is posted on the GMM site and GMM YouTube channel for promotion.